Over the last few years, joint albums have become one of the rap world's biggest trends. It looks like Kid Cudi, who jumped into that trend when he teamed-up with Kanye West for their Kids See Ghosts collab album this past June, is open to continuing the collab project craze, and he would be down to do so by making a joint effort between himself and Jaden Smith.

Cudi hinted at as much while interviewing the young rap star for VMan Magazine's VMAN40: The New Vanguard Issue. In the interview, which went live today (Aug. 20), the topic gets brought up when Cudi speaks on what it was like making a joint LP with Yeezy. As you could have expected, he said it was a dream come true.

"I’m so happy that that finally happened," Jaden says. "We would always talk about that happening one day." That's when Cudi brings an interesting idea into the fold. "Yeah, man! Maybe one day we’ll do an album, bro," he tells Jaden, who seems pretty happy about Cudi's comment.

"Oh, stop playing, Cudi! I’ll have to get a few more albums under my belt," Jaden responds. "I’m going to have to grow—but that would be the biggest dream of mine."

Adding to the thought of working on an album with Jaden, Cudi says, "It’s possible. I would love to do more music with you. I remember trying to encourage you to sing. I remember you were experimenting with it and I was like, 'Man, just sing. Just do it.'"

Just a couple months removed from dropping off his is latest project, Syre: The Electric Album, Jaden is currently traveling with J. Cole, Young Thug and Earth Gang for Cole's KOD Tour. Clearly he's making some big-time alliances and is on pace to do even more big things. Here's to hoping he and Cudi can hop in the studio some time really soon.

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