Kid Cudi and Power 105 radio personality Angie Martinez got into a brief Twitter spat early this morning. It all started when Cudi, who was apparently looking through some old videos, felt slighted when seeing an old interview he did back in 2009 with Martinez and DJ Enuff and decided to type something about it. "Look at these two fucks tryna play me back in the day. This was 2009. Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff. Fuckin clueless" he posted.

Angie Ma got wind of the diss and decided to speak up. "Soooo, u got an entourage cameo and u feelin yourself??! lol u were in my house... and i was tryna show u love. clown. smh," she responded. But Cudi wasn't trying to hear it. "Stop it. U were tryna play me. This isn't up for discussion or debate. I didnt give a fuck what u thought then or now. Peace."

Wow. That came out of left field. Check out the tweets and the interview at the crux of the misunderstanding, below.

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