Like most people, Keyshia Cole took to her social media account to vent her current feelings of frustration and sadness toward the recent events surrounding her rumored boyfriend Birdman and mystery woman. After being arrested for physically assaulting a woman in Cash Money CEO's condo, later revealed to be a Cash Money employee named Sabrina Mercadel, Cole let fans know she learned a valuable lesson from it all.

Although Birdman's name was not mentioned, one can only put two and two together Her first posts read, "Man love is a muthafucka." Before she was able to delete this Instagram posts, Baller Alert was able to catch this cryptic post reading,  "And finally you cant force it to be something. You can't force consistency, loyalty or even honesty... You can't force them to keep their word or to communicate, or to realize something special is in front of them."

Check out the posts below: