As Kevin Gates continues to ride the success of his debut album Islah, the Baton Rouge rapper drops a new video from the project for the track "Pride" produced by Patrick Carmelo.

The video matches up well with the story of "Pride" as Kevin Gates is seen trying to maintain a relationship, but struggling due to his stubbornness. Gates raps about the difficulty even though he and his significant other love each other.

"I knew I loved you when I met you, some say this don't exist/Emotions captured, had to have you, ain't care who you was with/At your apartment off of Siegen, had a brief disagreement/You moved back to Houston, we went like three years without speaking/I got back on drugs bad while I was still chasing cheddar/My heart was broke, soft and stressing battling with my depression/On top of that my team was shitting on me harder than ever/Not a worry in the world whenever we was together/I flew you out to Miami, we laid up in the suites/Bathtub full of fruits while I was rubbing your feet/We went to Bloomingdales, I bought us matching grey theory sweats/Said I ain't want you to leave before you boarded the jet," Gates raps.

Kevin Gates has proved just how devoted his fan base and supporters are as his album Islah debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard charts. It was a triumphant moment for Gates as his years of grinding on the mixtape circuit finally paid off in a big way.

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