Following comments he made late last week (July 15) regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and black-on-black crime, Kevin Gates has posted a series of videos to Instagram, some of which have since been deleted, in which he salutes the extreme measures taken in Baton Rogue, Louisiana, his home town.

The posts have been compiled in the above video, with Gates saying, "I’m not against black people, I’m not against white people. I stand for what’s right. Bunch of niggas jumping around hoopin' and hollerin' ain't right. But if we gonna go to war, let’s go to war, cause I’m gonna go to war for what’s right. My wife, five months pregnant, pulled out the car by police for no reason, handcuffed in 40 degree weather. And I made a vow to her, 'bae, that’ll never happen to us again. Never in life.'" He continued, saying "How they stood up in Baton Rogue, I can salute that," and responded to the notion that he may lose some fans with this opinion by saying, "I wasn’t made for everybody to like."

Gates' main point is that violence and harm toward the black community should receive equal treatment regardless of who perpetrates it. The rapper himself is from Baton Rogue so he certainly has proximity to the scenario. Following the death of Alton Sterling at the hand of a BRPD officer, three officers were killed over the weekend in the sort of retaliatory measure that most are making a point not to support.

In his previous videos, he said, "When you stand for something, you’ve got the stand for it all the way, not half way," and "Niggas hate on niggas. Niggas steal from niggas. Niggas kill niggas. Help your brother, man, don’t hurt your brother. Fuck you doin’?”

Watch his latest comments up above.

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