Kevin Gates has revealed the artwork and release date for his debut album, Islah. The LP is expected to drop on Dec. 11 and is currently available for preorder on iTunes. The cover for the album shows a more suave side to Gates, with him dressed in a suit, holding a glass and grilling the camera.

The Baton Rouge native has been releasing music all summer long. Gates dropped "Tomorrow" and the video to "Kno One," both of which came after May's Murder for Hire mixtape. He most recently put out "The Truth," where he tells his side of the female fan kicking story. While performing at the Sunshine State at Club Rumors in Lakeland, Fla. last Friday (Aug. 28), Kevin kicked a fan in her torso after the woman reached out for his pants. The Bread Winners rapper has been charged with simple battery for the incident. After leaving the show, the fan, 18-year-old Miranda Dixon, admitted herself into a hospital and underwent a CT scan. The victim's mother has spoken out about her daughter's assault, expressing her anger with Gates' actions to WFLA