Kevin Gates is one of the most evocative and most technically dazzling rappers in the world right now. The Baton Rouge upstart turned a run of acclaimed mixtapes into support from Def Jam and a national profile to rival that of rappers with far more conventional commercial appeal. This December, he'll be dropping his debut album, Islah, named after his son. Yet there are wide swaths of rap fans who are aware of Gates primarily for his Instagram, on which he's frequently animated and absurd to the point of making gossip-blog headlines. (Careful observers will remember his revelation that he had a sexual relationship with his cousin; they might also recall the time Gates claimed to have kicked a girl out of his house for refusing to perform oral sex on his dog. The rapper has since clarified the latter as a joke, but not the former.)

So it's only fitting that his wedding would be carefully documented on the social media app. Over the weekend, Gates married Dreka Haynes, the longtime partner to whom he has alluded in interviews. The normally guarded rapper was remarkably candid in the captions, at one point calling the ceremony the "best thing I ever did." Haynes is the mother of Islah and posted proudly about Gates' smile as the two stood at the ceremony, ready to cut the cake. A notable guest was the Nashville rapper Starlito, whom Gates called his favorite MC in a caption.

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