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Kevin Gates has a bone to pick with President Obama. The controversial rapper recently took to Instagram to air out his grievances with the Commander In Chief. Following a Rest In Peace post dedicated to one his friends who recently died, Gates went in on Obama somehow holding him accountable for the frequency of the recent deaths of his homeboys. "Niggas so stupid, talking 'bout a change gon' come." he said into the camera. "[Since] Obama been in office I done buried more of my niggas and more family than I ever did in my life. All he did was fuck a nigga money up since he been in office. Please get this nigga out of office." he added.

After his logic was questioned by many people in the comments section, the "I Don't Get Tired" rapper further clarified himself in a later post. "No money in the streets means, beef, war in the streets, murder," he said. "Mothers bury they children. The crime rate rise."

Gates is no stranger to controversial IG posts. He recently caused a stir on the Internet by posting a photo of his deceased grandmother. So this is pretty on par for the course when it comes to the Baton Rouge rapper. Does Gates have a point? Or is he just talking reckless out of anger over the pain of losing people who are close to him?

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