In the most unlikely of beefs, Kevin Durant, and Lil B have been slick going at it for a couple years. It started with a war of 140-characters on Twitter, then escalated when the Cali rapper challenged the perennial NBA All-Star to a game of one-on-one in his song "F-ck KD". Lil B then continued to call him out in an NBA promo video. Then there was the whole thing about the "curse" B had jokingly put on the baller stating he would never win a championship.

But apparently all is well. Revolt recently caught up with the real MVP at the NBA 2K15 event in New York City and the Thunder forward revealed, for Twitter mention reasons, he and Lil B are now, "cool," sort of. "Curse?," Durant questioned when asked about his problems with Lil B. "I keep hearing it every time I sign on to Twitter and Instagram, it's this Lil B stuff coming up," said Durant. "But, I don't have no problem with Lil B." Based God Curse lifted?

Peep the entire clip, above.

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[via Revolt]

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