Kevin Abstract has a knack for putting together intriguing visuals, and he showcases his director's eye once again with a beautifully eerie new video for "Runner," a track off of his critically acclaimed American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story.

The song itself sounds like haunting ballad about love and self-discovery. In the hook Abstract sings, "Cross my heart, let me be Tripped in the dark, you found me/And boy I'll be back when you're lonely if you want me to/My parents don't know what's gotten into me since I've met you."

The visual for "Runner" focuses on Abstract and his friends hanging out in a car as they seem to discuss the suicide of one of their friends. Everything's going well, until one of them pulls out a pistol and accidentally fires it at Abstract, who's inexplicably wearing a motorcycle helmet. His friends then take his body out of the car and hover over his presumably lifeless body as he they contemplate what to do next.

That's when the clip switches to Abstract, now without his motorcycle helmet, going for a ride taped against an SUV as his song "Blink" starts playing. You can peep the new visual for yourself below.

Kevin Abstract dropped his last LP back in November, but fans didn't have to wait long before he offered up some new material. In January, the talented MTV1987 artist dropped Kilmer 2, an EP with six unreleased tracks. We expect big things from Abstract in 2017.

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