Kevin Abstract has made a career out of doing the unexpected, and he continues that habit today.

On Friday (April 26), the Brockhampton rapper, who dropped off his Arizona Baby project on Thursday, announced that he's walking on a treadmill in front of his childhood home in Corpus Christi, Texas for 10 hours. He's livestreaming the entire walk, one he's in the midst of right now.

Kevin gave no reason for why he's doing this, but his fans are really into it. So far, Kevin is pacing himself on the treadmill as he signs autographs from his fans who have gathered around him. At one point, he signed his name on a woman’s forehead. “This sort of feels like a press conference,” he jokes as he fields questions from his fans.

In one strange moment, a father held his newborn next to Kevin while someone else took a picture. Kevin has also met a few of his childhood friends while he's walking on the treadmill.

Check out Kevin Abstract walking on a treadmill below.

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