Coming off the release of his "boy band," Brockhampton's new mixtape, Kevin Abstract dips back into his American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story album and drops the trippy new video for the track, "Miserable America."

The surreal visual starts off in an unsuspecting suburban neighborhood as we see a man checking his mail. Back in the house, a hectic scene shows Kevin hanging upside down from his ankles while a group of seemingly hypnotized women slowly move around him.

Things go left when one of he women breaks out of her stupor, grabs a shotgun and blasts their apparent captor in the chest. This leads to a joyous celebration, with Kevin dancing like he has ants in his pants and the women all enjoying the occasion with a drink.

"My boyfriend saved me/My mother's homophobic/I'm stuck in the closet/I'm so claustrophobic/I just want help if/My best friend's racist/My mother's homophobic/I'm stuck in the closet/I'm so claustrophobic/I just wanna know shit/Well we all love Young Thug," he raps.

Kevin put out his most recent official solo effort back in November. Lately, he's centered his efforts around Brockhampton, which released their sophomore mixtape, Saturation, in June. That was the follow-up project to 2016's acclaimed All American Trash. Check out the group's videos for "Star" and "Heat."

Watch Kevin Abstract's "Miserable America" video below.

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