Back in November, Kevin Abstract provided listeners with his long awaited American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story album. The Texas native recorded plenty of material that did not make the final cut, but he still wanted to share some of it with his fans. As a result, Abstract has released a six-track EP featuring the previously unreleased music.

The unreleased cuts, which have been put together in playlist called Kilmer 2, explore familiar themes for any regular listener of Abstract's work. The "Empty" artist has been heavily influenced by suburbia, taking a lot of inspiration from his experiences growing up in Texas.

“The suburb I’m normally talking about is The Woodlands, Texas; it’s north of Houston,” he said in a conversation with Interview. “It’s typical American suburbia. I draw a lot of inspiration from that. And I don’t know why I’m so intrigued by it yet — I don’t know what it is or what draws me back over and over. There’s something beautiful and mysterious about it and kind of haunting. I keep going back to it.”

If the American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story LP was not enough to satiate your needs for such songs, check out these six extra tracks from the mind of Mr. Abstract. Tracklist and stream are below.

Kevin Abstract's Kilmer 2 Tracklist

1. "Leader"
2. "Tear For"
3. "Jackson's Song"
4. "American Boyfriend OG"
5. "Cry"
6. "For Mah Dawgs"

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