If Kendrick Lamar was a superhero, his alias would be Hard Body. For the third episode of Mass Appeal's new series "Super…," which tries to discover what an artist's superhero name and power would be, their newest cover star is featured and he sheds light on his superhero fantasy. Kendrick kicks things off by describing his vibe and moniker, "Hard Body."

"What would my name be?," he said. "It got to be something slick man. Hard Body, there's really no uniform. That's the catch. It's whatever the environment he's in, he chameleon in. No mask no nothing, you don't see him coming. The powers that he projects is straight love, energy. This right here controls how everybody moves and everybody thinks. We living in a world full of hate. The homies right here hating on you. They finna rob you, they finna do this, boom he's going to come in there. You think he's with you and your crew, but he's working on the act of love."

Because every superhero needs a villain, K.Dot says Hard Body's arch enemy would be a woman called Lucy. Lucy is actually Lucifer (the devil) in disguise. In the cover story the Compton native shared that there is Braille within the album pamphlet that reveals the subtitle of To Pimp a Butterfly.

Check out the video above.

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