Kendrick Lamar sat down to chat with Flying Lotus last night (Apr. 9) on BBC's Radio 1 show. The interview was structured in the same format as Lamar and Tupac's conversation at the end of "Mortal Men" on To Pimp a Butterfly. K. Dot talks about his sophomore album and influences behind the project, things he dreams about and following your heart.

"The things I dream about is usually from my childhood," said K-Dot as he reminisced about family time and childhood parties. He also shares a recurring nightmare, where he gets on a plane but never lands, only "elevating higher and higher" until he wakes up. The story sounds more like a metaphor, perhaps relating to his success in recent years, becoming one of hip-hop's premiere artists.

Lotus also praises TPAB, asking the West Coast spitta about his influences behind the LP.

"Every little bit of music that I have learned to live with and love from the day I was born. My father's, influences from oldies to gangsta rap. That was it for me. And not being in fear to show these influences. A lot of artists get to a point where we like to stay redundant; we comprise what we really want to do and I said I wasn't gon' do that on this album," Kendrick said.

The best part of the interview is Kendrick's message to other artists and fans to "do what your heart tells you to do" and choose your inner most desires over the dollar signs. Check out the entire interview here. You can skip to 1:37:27 for the full interview.

After K-Dot tips out, Lotus plays the CDQ version of "Eyes Above (Remix)," which features a new verse from the Compton native. Take a listen below.

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