Kendrick Lamar, who's recently been named a headliner at the 2017 Voodoo Music and Arts Festival, fulfilled his big brother role admirably when he copped his sister Kayla Duckworth a 2017 Toyota Camry as a gift for her graduation from high school a few days ago. Understandably, she was happy with her gift.

"Thank you big brother for my graduation gift! ❤️ @kendricklamar," K. Dot's sister wrote in a caption for an Instagram picture she took from behind the wheel of her new whip. Kayla was happy, but at least a few other social media users took issue with K. Dot—whose DAMN. album went platinum in under a month—copping his sister such a "run of the mill" first car. One Twitter user said "LMFAOOOOO Kendrick can't buy his sister a better car than a Toyota Camry." Another wrote, "If I gotta buy a car for ma sis ima make it look sexy."

"You bump be humble and then get mad when @kendricklamar keeping his family humble by getting his sister a brand new Toyota," wrote one user in a tweet that was retweeted over a thousand times, responding to critics of K. Dot's purchase.

Luckily, just as many folks have come forth to poke fun at tweets such as that one, indicating people seem to understand owning a whip of any kind is a privilege and that K. Dot, even being as successful as he is, made a responsible decision. That last part is a sentiment Toyota, the folks responsible for manufacturing Camrys, definitely agrees with.

Speaking with TMZ, a rep for Toyota called K. Dot's choice "smart and thoughtful," pointing toward the Camry's track record of reliable service and longevity. We know he works for the company, but yeah, that sounds about right.

In any case, Kayla's happy with her new whip, so that's probably all K. Dot even cares about. Check out her Instagram post thanking her brother just below.

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