You can put your free Drillary Clinton posters down: Katie Got Bandz is free. The 24-year-old Chicago rapper was released from jail on Wednesday evening after being arrested for identity theft on Monday (Aug. 7). Upon her release, Katie promptly threw some ill will to the state of Illinois for putting her in a jail cell, while also explaining that she was arrested for not snitching. Check out what Katie's got to say below.

Katie's first tweet was a simple announcement. "BITCH I'M FREE," she wrote last night. It was from there she launched into her message to the police, proclaiming her innocence in the process. "BITCH I'M INNOCENT 🖕🏽FUCK THE STATE," tweeted the rapper, who recently collabed with her fellow Chi-Town rapper Brian Fresco for "Lit."

Katie goes on to claim she's now dealing with jail and the courtroom because of what she didn't do more than because of what she did. "I'M FIGHTING A CASE FOR NOT TELLING ON A MF SO YALL CAN SHUT THE FUCK UP🗣🗣," she tweeted.

The Chicago rapper's next tweet seems to hint at an interesting subplot involving a betrayal of some sort. "I LITERALLY WENT TO JAIL TWICE FOR NOT SNITCHING ON A MF WHO SUPPOSE TO BEEN MY FAMILY IF I WAS A RAT I WOULD HAVE BEEN FREE MFS NOT LOYAL," she wrote. she also says she has a new mixtape, Free Katie, on the way.

Although the legal papers say she was put in jail for identity theft, Katie uses a Twitter video to reiterate her claim that she was jailed for refusing to snitch. "Muthafuckas stay talking 'bout I went to jail for stealing somebody identity. Ya'll got me fucked up, I went to jail for not running my muthafuckin' mouth. I ain't snitch on a nigga, even though a muthafucka thought they left me hanging, my people got me up out that bitch, though. New music coming soon! Free Katie the mixtape dropping too, though," Katie says in the video.

Check out all of what Katie's got to say in both the video and the gallery below.

Katie Got Bandz Gets Out of Jail and Says She Was Arrested for Refusing to Snitch

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