Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour continues to float on into the fall, stopping in Seattle, Wash. Wednesday night (Oct. 19). In terms of on-stage chatter, Kanye has been a bit more muted this go around, but prompted by some unknown force, he decided to shed some light on the feature spots he and Jay Z leant to Drake's "Pop Style." When the song first dropped back in April. many commented on the fact that Jay had but two bars, and this may be the reason why.

“And we sent it back to him and he’s like ‘Oh shit The Throne is on this shit,’" Kanye says in clips included above and below. "Then Jay thought about it and out of respect for Meek Mill he didn’t want to be on the track. Then I said, ‘Look, I’ll call Drake, I’ll call Meek, I’ll call y’all, we gotta squash this shit, we gotta let people have this song.' But then it went into some political shit about percentages on songs. I can’t take this shit, bro.”

He also said, "There will never be a Watch the Throne 2" in video you can see below, and claimed, "Our kids ain't never even played together."

There are layers to this quote, Kanye shuttling between personal relationships and business ones, though they may be one in the same for some. Drake is known to represent Apple Music, while Jay is firmly team Tidal, but the kids comment hints at potentially deeper trouble between Yeezy and "Big Brother."

It seems something is afoot here. Kanye and Jay have had their differences in the past, but to air it out on-stage like this suggests something new is bubbling.

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