After reports of a "rapper ban" at the Diamond Cross Ranch in Morean, Wyoming, XXL reached out to the ranch for a comment. Owner and operator Jane Golliher said that she could not confirm or deny the reports due to a nondisclosure agreement.


Kanye West's album listening party for his recent Ye LP was attended by tons of industry big wigs and watched by fans all over the country, but apparently the excitement wasn't reciprocated by the venue. According to The Blast, the "Lift Yourself" rapper has triggered the ranch where the party took place to ban rappers from throwing events with them in the future.

According to Jane Golliher, who operates Diamond Cross Ranch in Morean, Wyoming, Yeezy and his team gave great exposure to the venue, but unfortunately, they received far too many complaints about noise from the event. She told the outlet that it was the "most confusing" event that the ranch has ever handled, as changes were made to the details of the party every 30 minutes. The party was reportedly set to be inside, but was changed last minute to move outside, which triggered a lot of noise complaints from neighbors and other lodges.

Teton County, where the ranch is located, has strict noise ordinances for the hours past 10 P.M., as noise must be kept under 80 decibels into the later evening hours. West's party ended up reaching 120 decibels, which led to tons of complaints and employees trying to smooth things over. The party was supposed to finish by 10 p.m., but that was made difficult considering Kanye didn't start the listening session until 9:30 p.m.

Golliher also claims that things became so increasingly hectic by midnight that her husband threatened to cut the power off if the party wasn't shut down. Now, the ranch will have "no more rappers," but is potentially open to doing a day concert with G.O.O.D. Music again.

On the bright side, Golliher says that Kanye's staff of planners were amazing and she doesn't have any beef with Kanye or his guests. She feels as though her and her team were misled about the details of the party, but was adamantly told that the super producer does whatever he wants.

Despite the rapper ban from the ranch, it appears that Kanye's party was a huge success, as Ye is doing increasingly well on the streaming charts in its first week. We'll have to wait and see how his numbers turn out on the Billboard 200 chart to get a better estimate.

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