KAMI appears to be the next breakout star from the Savemoney collective. The Chicago native is best known as one half of the Leather Corduroys duo with Joey Purp, but 2017 looks to be his chance to shine as a solo artist. KAMI recently set things in motion with his “Scene Girl” single, and now he is back with a music video directed by Andre Muir.

The video looks like it could have been shot in the 80s, which perfectly matches the vibe of the Knox Fortune production. KAMI roams around the city, witnessing the actions of various scene girls and providing them with a soundtrack.

“Thanks for letting me know/Just who you was babe/You was looking too good/You started acting ugly/This here this here just like the movies/So we cast a star, some extras, some groupies/Don't ya wanna show me/I read between lines I could tell what ya based on truly/Don't ya wanna shoot me/But that drama and that action just like the movies,” KAMI sings.

The “Scene Girl” video comes to a grim end, proving that a life of clubbing is not all fun and games. The cinematic visual does a stellar job of bringing the song to life and generating buzz for KAMI’s full-length project, which is due out later this year.

Watch KAMI’s “Scene Girl” music video below. If you like the track, you can cop it on iTunes.

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