Late last year, an Oakland rapper named Kamaiyah started making waves online with a random Soundcloud loosie called "How Does It Feel." She followed that with her debut mixtape A Good Night in the Ghetto, which, for all intents and purposes, is really an album-quality project. Now she's becoming a national phenomenon, and to capitalize on the moment she's released a new single called "How You Want It." You can spin it above.

It's produced by Cardo, whose insane soundscapes have been included on projects from both Drake and Kendrick this year. He also just dropped a whole album with Detroit's own Payroll called Big Bossin Vol. 1. 

A Good Night in the Ghetto is one of the strongest rap projects of 2016 so far. Most of the project is carefree and energetic, but the closing record "For My Dawg" is a complete counterpoint to every other song, drawing on the pain Kamaiyah feels about the passing of her beloved brother due to cancer. She shot a video for the incredible song which you can peep right here.

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