K Camp comes through with an entertaining new visual for "FWYB," a track from his K.I.S.S. 4 mixtape, released earlier this year. The video, which is partially animated, finds the Atlanta-based artist cooling out at a photo shoot where baddies are aplenty.

If the playful, Jakob Owens-directed visual feels straightforward, it's because that's the point. "It was simple...we wanted something dope with some flavor added to it. We definitely got that," K Camp tells XXL.

The "flavor" K Camp speaks of comes in the form of colorful animations that look as if they were drawn by colored pencils. Toward the beginning of the clip, there's a yellow crown floating above his head and in another part, aa loose sketch of ice blue jewelry circles his wrist before disappearing.

There are also a few gorgeous models on the set of the photo shoot, which appears to be for K Camp as well. More animations pop up to surround them like some sort of ultra-fabulous aura. We dig it.

K Camp had a pretty big 2016, and he's continued that momentum into what was once a new year. He doesn't plan on losing any steam. "My plan is to turn the fuck back up! That's all I've been focused on," he tells us of what he wants to accomplish this year.

Peep his newest visual for yourself below and check out our exclusive interview with K Camp here.

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