K Camp's unique brand of rap and R&B has continued to stick out from the crowd, and he's ready to feed his fans again. His newest track is "Cranberry Juice," and its accompanying video is out now.

The Spudd McKenzie-directed video starts with K Camp seated at a desk in the living room of a mysterious house. After a few panning shots of the crib, he raps alone in front of backgrounds of various colors. A little later in the visual, the inspiration for the song appears; a dark red Porsche, featured in all of its luxury.

In addition to rapping about his new car that resembles juice, he talks about his loyalty. "Truck presidential, you know it's a ’Lac/I put the North and the gang on my back," he spits. "She in her feelings, I can't get attached/She on the molly, she about to collapse." K Camp also sneaks in a flex or two: "Bought me a Gucci fur just for the winter/She want to fuck ’cause a nigga a winner/I could fit about 20 hoes in a sprinter/You are not gang, please do not enter."

In addition to dropping "Cranberry Juice," K Camp has been busy as of late. He's in the video for his collaboration with True Story Gee, "Diamonds," and is also featured on Ye Ali's "Wedding Bands."

Watch K Camp's "Cranberry Juice" below.

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