Juvenile is one of the greatest rappers ever, no exaggeration, and today the New Orleans legend links up with Atlanta's own Young Thug for a new song called "Red Sox." Listen to it above.

The song sounds like it's got production by London on Da Track and Thugger's vocals feel as though they're from a couple years ago, but the record works because Juve is so elastic and flexible with his rhyme style.

Thug and Juve have something of a connection via Birdman, with the former rolling close to Baby around the time of Barter 6 while Juve was of course signed to Cash Money in the '90s before leaving and later returning.

But they've also got a thematic connection. Thug naming his project Barter 6 was a lot like Wayne naming his solo album 500 Degreez; the latter was a wink at Juve's classic 400 Degreez album, the biggest LP for Cash Money Records at the time.

Juve is said to be working on a new album for later this year, so get a taste of what's to come with "Red Sox" above.

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