In an interview with Forbez DVD, Junior Mafia's Chico Del Vec, explained his reasoning behind why he thinks the Notorious B.I.G.'s son, Christopher Wallace JR, or CJ is gay.

In the video, he explained how he caught backlash on Facebook for airing out CJ's questionable antics.

“I was talking the truth about niggas,” he said regarding the post on Facebook. “I said something about CJ, Big’s son. He gay. Nigga gay…After I seen this little footage shit, I was mad.”

He would then pull up the post concerning CJ and elaborated further on how that was his son, he would have beaten him down.

“Look at this, man,” Chico said. “What that look like to you, man? Is that suspect? Talking about ‘Biggie kid not gay.’ Look at this shit. If that was my son I’d whoop his ass. I’m not gon’ hug—My son not gon’ hug you from the back talking about ‘Graduation happy.’ Look at this shit? Look. Do this look suspect, man or what…That’s gay. That’s gay all the way.”

Despite his negative commentary regarding CJ, Chico said his relationship with Faith Evans is still alive and strong.