Trouble is brewing in the Dipset camp once again. Juelz Santana (born LaRon James) surrendered himself to authorities today (February 3) in response to a warrant that was issued for four counts of narcotics and weapons offenses. His bail was set at $125,000.

Santana’s older brother, Jermaine “Twin” James, says that they already ponied up the $125,000 needed to bail him out tonight.

“He is just being processed through the system right now," Twin said. "I posted his bail earlier today. All computers are currently down at the Prosecutor’s Office.”

You may recall that one of Santana’s artists, Toby “Hyneif” Raynor, was arrested on Jan. 20th for allegedly peddling marijuana. After the incident, Raynor was followed to the Santana’s World Studios in Bergenfield, New Jersey. A raid of Santana's World studios uncovered two fully loaded handguns, marijuana, and boxes of ammunition.

Juelz Santana’s publicist insists that the rapper was not around to see the drama unfold. “Santana was out of town at the time of Raynor’s arrest,” Lynn Hobson told “We are just looking forward to having this whole situation cleared up." —Henry Adaso

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