From the withering away of Cash Money's once star-studded roster to Dipset's apparent disbanding and G-Unit's biannual ousting of former members, once dominant crews have seen some changes in recent years that may suggest a shifting trend in the game. Juelz Santana and Skull Gang would beg to differ.

After dropping a mixtape called The Takeover in September, the group is currently working on a DVD and prepping the release of a full-length album. "Koch wants to do a Skull Gang album right now," Santana told "We in the works of putting all that together and using that as a stepping stool."

"I definitely know it's a totally different movement," Juelz declared when possible comparisons to Dipset were made. "I bring a lot of the feel of Dipset to the Skull Gang movement, but everybody else involved is totally different. They bring their own vibe; Richmond Rabb, he's from VA, and John Depp, he's from Queens. I knew with Dipset, the sounds we had was too unique to try to copy and say, I'ma do another Dipset. So, what you get from Skull Gang is totally different."

While it may be a different sound than Dipset, one man behind the movement thinks the results may be similar to the Harlem group's parent label. "It feels like right before Roc-A-Fella happened big," said Damon Dash, co-founder and former CEO of the Roc. "We already had been gold, but then we had 'Hard Knock Life' and [Jay-Z] was number one for five weeks and from then on it was a straight movement. It feels like that." He reminded, after a short pause, that those observations were "from a guy that's been there." -Adam Fleischer