When something goes viral on the internet, there are bound to be countless spoofs following, so it should come as no surprise that someone has decided to do a parody of Joyner Lucas' "I'm Not Racist" video.

Comedian Radel Ortiz recently linked up with aspiring New York rapper Noa to tackle the vegan debate. "The vegan debate in today's society is at an all-time high," says Ortiz. "So, we decided to let it all out on this beat. A non-vegan and vegan speak their minds."

Similar to Lucas' video, the "I'm Not a Vegan" visuals start off with Ortiz pleading his case about why he isn't a vegan. The comedian takes the funny route, spitting jokes about Mcdonald's, White Castle and more. "I stopped talking to my cousin Carlito/Came to Thanksgiving with a vegan coquito/Shit tasted like a fucking sofrito," Ortiz raps.

After Ortiz finishes, Noa uses his time to spit facts, rapping, "Fuck fast food, don't you bring that in my kitchen/Keep your fat face stuffed with that GMO chicken/Do you listen? It's your self that you dissin'/Cholesterol high/Bet it's grease that you pissin'/We on a mission, to stop the slaughter at the slaughterhouse."

Since it's release in late November, Lucas' "I'm Not Racist" video has surpassed 22 million views. The rapper also recently released his latest track, a remix of 21 Savage's hit song, "Bank Account."

Check out the "I'm Not a Vegan" video below.

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