Joyner Lucas' "Devil's Work" video has caused a lot of controversy over the song's lyrics where he wishes to bring some dead icons back to life and send people he doesn't like to replace them in the afterlife. Since its release, the St. Peter's Catholic Church where the visual was filmed at has blasted the rapper for the video's content. According to Joyner, they knew what was happening and got paid.

The Worcester, Mass. rapper spoke with TMZ on Saturday (May 11) outside the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. where he talked about the polarizing video. "I think 'Devil's Work' was me talking to God, right?" Joyner said. "We all have our own relationship with God. So, that was me talking to God. I was exercising my First Amendment."

The head of the church where the video was filmed, Rev. Msgr. Francis Scollen, condemned the video earlier this week saying, "We don't agree with that."

Joyner tells a different story. "They knew what was going on," he told TMZ. "As a matter of fact, they got paid."

The rapper then doubled down on his assertion that the higher ups at the church knew the situation. "I think they were aware. They were aware for sure," Joyner added.

The video also made right-wing political commentator Tomi Lahren upset as she was one of the people mentioned negatively. She has offered to talk it out with Joyner. He told TMZ he'll pass.

See Joyner Lucas explaining his side of the church controversy below.

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