Joyner Lucas has some questions about Sha Money XL that he believes only 50 Cent can answer.

On Wednesday night (Aug. 28), Lucas hit up his Twitter timeline to vent about his frustrations with his former manager, who also previously worked closely with the G-Unit commander. In his tweet, the "Devil's Work" rapper asserts that he finally understands why 50 Cent called out Sha back in 2015. He also claims that Sha "doesn't work but wants to collect a check."

"When @50cent started publicly airing out ShaMoneyXL and assassinating his character, I never understood it.. I get it now," Joyner Lucas said in his tweet." ‍♂️ i let him go 6 months ago because he doesn’t work but wants to collect a check. I got a lot of questions I believe only 50 can answer. Tell 50 hit me."

Nearly four years ago to the day (Aug. 24, 2015), 50 Cent dropped a 35-minute video in which he details why he stopped working with Sha Money XL. After Sha allegedly charged 50 for working on his song "Blood Hound" off Get Rich or Die Trying, 50 claims Sha returned to charge him again but for the studio time the Queens rapper used at Sha's studio.

“He asked for $50,000,” 50 Cent said in the video. “I said, ‘Cool.’ Then I thought about it and I said, ���If I give him $50,000, that’s it, because he’s been paid for all of his services, everything.’ I said, ‘Nah, don’t take $50,000. Take $30,000 and a point, $30,000 and a point on the sales on my record.’ That one point was worth $1.3 million, because we sold 13 million records on that first album. So I gave him $1.33 million instead of $50,000."

Fif' continued, "Then, after the record took off and sold so many copies, Jimmy [Iovine] and them came around but [Sha Money XL] didn’t take no risk. He took all of his money off the table. And then, Jimmy Iovine came around and G-Unit Records was ready. So, they cut the check for G-Unit Records, they gave me $15 million. When I get the $15 million, I see them round again, looking like they ready to start reaching into my pockets again. So I told them, ‘You ain’t getting none of that money, because you took your equity out of the situation immediately. You were paid for everything you’ve done.’”

On Thursday morning (Aug. 29), Sha Money XL responded to Lucas' claims with his own tweet.

"These rap niggas tell lies and always wanna act like victims," he posted.

50 also got wind of the issues between Joyner and his former employee. Of course, he offered his two cents.

"Damn it man, Told you he a whole sucker. LOL," the Queens rapper reacted on Twitter.

Joyner agreed in a follow-up post.

"Smh @50cent a sucker indeed," he typed. "smh never seen a nigga who’s done so little try to take so much.. smh. Over my dead body."

Check out their tweets below.

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