Back in December of 2017, John River revealed he was battling an illness that doctors were unable to find a cure for. After pleading with the public to help him find specialists, physicians or places that could help him with his symptoms, he finally found what he was searching for.

On Feb. 1, the Canadian rapper's management team posted an update to Instagram, letting fans know that a neurologist was able to help John find the cause of his illness. According to his team, John suffers from paraspinal pain, severe anemia and a dislocated jaw joint. The biggest cause of his pain, however, comes from intracranial hypotension, which has caused his brain to sag for the last 40 days.

If you recall, John has shared his health battle on Twitter, revealing that he was experiencing insurmountable pressure in his head, and could hardly come outside of his closet due to how harsh the light effected his vision and brain. He was also admitted to a psych ward, believing that he was simply stressed and suffering from depression based on his unique symptoms.

According to his team, John is currently very weak and mentally exhausted, but they believe that he will make a full recovery. They didn't give an update on what treatment he will be doing to recover, but we can hope his team will send more updates in the near future.

XXL profiled John River for The Break in 2016. The MC became a rising rap star within Canada's national scene in 2012, after he dropped his debut mixtape, The Calm. His fan base strengthened by the time he released his 2015 effort, The Storm. 

Check out the official update from John River's team on his health status below.

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