Less than 24 hours after the release of Eminem's epic "Chloraseptic (Remix)" and Bizarre's claim that Eminem was dissing Joe Budden, Budden himself has responded to the D12 rapper's emphatic call-out.

First, let's remember what Bizarre first said about the matter. In a couple of tweets from yesterday, the often comical rapper wrote, "Never bite the hand feed u.. I never like to do anyway chump @JoeBudden" and that Budden should, "Make sure u keep up that same Energy @JoeBudden dont get Quiet now..🖕🏿 fucking clown." Ouch.

Bizarre's tweets were taken to be a confirmation that Em's remix, which finds him dissing critics of his Revival album, was aimed in part at Budden.

"Not as raw as I was, 'Walk on Water' sucks?/Bitch, suck my dick/Y'all saw the tracklist and had a fit 'fore you heard it/So you formed your verdict/While you sat with your arms crossed/Did your little reaction videos and talked over songs (chill!)/Nah, dog, y'all sayin' I lost it, your fuckin' marbles are gone," Em spits on the "Chloraseptic (Remix)."

The bars people believe he's talking about could, in fact, be responding to one of a couple of Budden's final appearances on Everyday Struggle. During one episode on Dec. 6, 2017, Budden lays out the reasons why the everyday fan might have had reasons to doubt Revival after seeing the tracklist, which came out a little over a week before the album itself.

"The second track is called 'Believe,'" Budden said. "So now, if I'm looking at how you rolled this out with your little Revival thing, if I'm thinking about the last one, and the Recovery, if I'm just looking at now, I'm looking at the last 10 years of your career—oh, okay. You're doing more than creating an album, you're telling a story, now. So now, how I judge it is a little different. I have to wait and see what story you're telling. Now I gotta see how Ed Sheeran fits in your story. I gotta see how the fuck P!nk, my nigga, fits in your story. I don't know how Phresher—I don't know how any of these people fit in what you are seeing. And from what I know, Em, it sounds trash. Even though it didn't come with audio, we're looking at it, and the common folk are saying, 'This looks trash.'"

In another episode of Everyday Struggle on Dec. 13, 2017, Budden calls Em's single "Untouchable" "trash," which could also be something Em's mad at.

Now, as we alluded to up to, Budden's clapped back in a few now-deleted tweets. In the tweets, Budden references Bizarre's falling out with Em before making a physical threat toward the rapper.

“Biz u aint spoke to Em in at least 10 years, u better relax nigga before you make me angry,” he tweeted. “Biz… i love you… i will also beat the dog shit outta u in Detroit," he continued.

Check out Budden's words, and Bizarre's subsequent response to them, in the screenshot of Budden's deleted tweets below. Peep the Everyday Struggle episode in question when you're done with that.

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