Jimmy Henchman was handed a life sentence plus 20 years yesterday in Manhattan Federal Court for his involvement in the 2009 murder for hire plot that resulted in the death of G-Unit associate Lowell "Lodi Mack" Fletcher. The sentence was handed down by U.S. Attorney General for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, concluding a case that extends back to a June 2012 indictment and encompassing events stretching as far back as 2007. Henchman, real name James Rosemond, is already serving a life sentence following a 2012 conviction on 13 counts related to a multi-million dollar drug trafficking ring.

Henchman's ties to the music industry are extensive; he served as the CEO of Czar Entertainment, whose management clients included Gucci Mane, Akon and most significantly The Game, which put Czar squarely in the center of Game's beef with G-Unit, 50 Cent and Chris Lighty's Violator Management in the mid-2000s. The drama that erupted between the two sides is well-documented, but the specifics of this particular case stem from an incident in March 2007, when Lodi Mack, Tony Yayo and other G-Unit associates were accused of slapping teenage Henchman's son on 25th Street in Manhattan during a chance encounter. Yayo would eventually have his charges dropped while Mack took a prison sentence that resulted in his release from incarceration in September 2009.

Lodi Mack barely made it two weeks; on the night of Sept. 27, 2009, Mack was shot five times and killed on a dark street corner in The Bronx, allegedly in retaliation for slapping Henchman's son two years prior. In June 2012, just days after being found guilty on the drug conspiracy charges, Henchman was indicted along with five others in a murder for hire plot alleging that Henchman ordered the hit for $30,000, eventually paying an associate in a kilo of cocaine less than a week later. After an initial trial resulted in a hung jury in March 2013, Henchman was convicted of leading the murder for hire plot last December and handed his second life sentence in the past three years.

U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon was harsh on Henchman in handing down his sentence, reportedly calling his actions "vile," "heinous" and "disgusting" when handing down her sentence. For a full breakdown of the details and particulars of this specific case, check out our coverage of his initial trial in March 2014 right here. —Dan Rys 

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