When it comes to pure rapping skills, Atlanta's J.I.D is a true natural, twisting words around each other like he was born to do it. His penchant for elite lyrical dexterity and brutally honest storytelling landed him a spot on J. Cole's Dreamville Records roster. Now, the work he's put in has earned him a spot on the 2018 XXL Freshman Cover, and now comes the time for his highly-anticipated freestyle.

J.I.D comes flying out of the gate in his 2018 XXL Freshman freestyle, sounding comfortable with a variety of flows. He has a unique higher pitched rasp, which gives away his southern origins while allowing him to bend his words in ways few others can. As confident as can be, J.I.D raps about a litany of topics, from rap changing his life and keeping him safe, to police brutality.

Early on in his verse, the 27-year-old rhymer makes an incredible analogy concerning jail time and the life cycle of insects: “Thanks to the maker/Got me out of an awful place/My nigga gone for 17 years, like a cicada/More than a motivator, immortal and innovative.” He’s rapped about some of these subjects on his song “Never,” but never with this level of ferocity. This freestyle is one of J.I.D’s moments in the sun, and he gave it everything he’s got.

Later, he referred to feeling like he’s done this already, as if this go at living is easier than the previous. “Like my second life, my second second line, I put this noose around my neck, just to accessorize,” he delivers. Poignant and thought-provoking, just like the rest of J.I.D’s catalog.

Watch J.I.D’s 2018 XXL Freshman freestyle below.

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