Jhene Aiko and Dot Da Genius' short-lived marriage is over. And while the singer left plenty of evidence for people to speculate that the cause of the deterioration of the matrimony was her stepping out with Big Sean, she is denying those claims.

News broke on Thursday (Aug. 11) that Aiko and Dot had called it quits after 11 months of marriage. In the last couple of days some vocal Twitter users have been @'ing the singer asking questions about the reasoning for the split. Aiko started answering back earlier today.

After one person tried to call her out for cheating with Sean, she responded, "With the internet as ur source... ur point is invalid and inaccurate and ur ignorance grows stronger."

When another Twitter user questioned why she "do Dot like that?," she replied, "Never let a man disrespect u in any way. major key."

In since deleted posts, she added "He's lucky it was only papers and not CLIPS" and again denied it was her cheating that caused the split adding, "Infidelity where?! come on sis, u LOOK very intelligent. teach ur boys better moving forward," and "I only cheated myself. so glad to be free from all the drugs, depression and confrontation."

One person who appears to be taking up for Dot is longtime collaborator Kid Cudi who sent out the tweet, “The funny thing is, we aint sweatin these bum bitches and these corn ball ass niggas. We too busy makin better music,” in response to someone retweeting an old post the rapper directed at Jhene Aiko a few years ago.

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