It’s official, Atlanta music executive Jermaine Dupri has been dropped from his position at Island Records.

Variety reports that after nearly two years the hip-hop mogul’s role as the president of the urban music division at Island was cut short yesterday (1/8).

During his time at the label, JD had several notable shortcomings. He brought his longtime girlfriend Janet Jackson to the label, who subsequently left after her album Discipline failed to move units and she accused the label of not being able to promote it effectively. The rapper/producer also brought Jagged Edge to the label and launched TAG records in conjunction with Island Def Jam and the Proctor and Gamble brand. As of press time the status of Tag records, of which JD signed rapper Q Da Kid, is still in question.

Reportedly Dupri’s position was created specifically for the So So Def founder by Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid and president Steve Bartells. It is not clear if he will no longer be working for parent company Universal Music Group. – Elan Mancini

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