Another day, another cancelled concert. This time, it's Jeremih, who recently threw his mic away just before storming off the stage. Although it's never all that cool for fans when their favorite singer or rapper decides to stop their concert, Jeremih's stopping the show doesn't appear to have been totally unprovoked. You can try to make sense of why the "Oui" crooner called off the remainder of his recent Chicago show after watching the video up top.

As you can see, Jeremih isn't too happy, and he seems to be addressing some not-so-pleasant in the audience, or at least, in the building. In the vid he calls "them" out, saying "They some haters, fuck ya'll." In the video, it's unclear who exactly the "haters" are, but it wouldn't have been so strange for an entertainer to have at least a few hecklers show up to their concerts. That's what we thought, but it turns out, Jeremih's comments were directed at the people working at the show. He used his Twitter account to release this information a while later.

In his tweets, Jeremih explains that he was actually talking about the sound people, who he says didn't want him to perform. He says the sound engineers at the show "cut off his ears" as he performed. "Chicago u know I love y'all ', I didn't say 'fuck y'all' I said 'ah they some hatas! Fuck yalll!' Jeremih writes in one tweet.  In another tweet he continues, "Truth is 'they' didnt want me 2 perform sad people will take ur money and blatantly make it seem like I only want to do 2 songs."

Those tweets clear a few things up, but also raise more questions. Why, exactly, would the sound engineers want to screw with Jeremih's sound? Is there a chance it was an accident? There's no way of knowing for sure, but there's a chance more details surface soon.

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