After the release of his seveth studio album, Seen It All: The Autobiography, Jeezy announced yesterday (Oct. 8) that he is going on a massive three month tour starting today (Oct. 9) at Daytona Beach, FL​ Bethune-Cookman U. Homecoming. Seen It All dropped at No. 2 on the charts, sold more than 113,255 copies and was powered by street bangers like "Seen It All," "Me OK" and "Holy Ghost." Da Snowman has been in the game for over a decade, shelling out a number of hits that from his albums and mixtapes. Before Jeezy heads out on tour, he hoped on the phone with XXL to discuss his mentality before he hits the road, remembered an experience he had with Jay Z while they were on The Blueprint 3 Tour and what's next for him in his career.

XXL: Tour is about to start, how are you feeling?
Jeezy: I’m feeling good. I’m a road warrior. I love being on the road and touching my fans. I just feel like after putting an album out and it being received well by the streets and by the people, I just want to get out there and bring my art form to life. I feel like music, a lot of the times, it's just better to see how people take your music [in person]. I’m just excited man. I wish the tour were longer.

You have been in the game for over a decade now and countless tours. What’s the approach now after all these years?
It’s no need to be at home. A wise man once told me there is no money in the crib. It’s more than money though. I just love to touch the people and go through these towns and make my presence felt. That’s what I love to do. That’s what I started off doing. It's just better that way. You’re in a more creative state of mind. It’s just different. When you sit in one place too long, time and life just slows down. I always been a hustler. I always been a cat that’s always on the go. So to me it feels like hustling because I get to go through theses different cities and deal with people from different places and walks of life and we get a chance to unite. It's always a good feeling when Jeezy is in town. It’s a big deal. And everybody comes out and everybody has a good time. That’s what I love.

Do you have a favorite tour stop?
Naw man, all of them are a favorite to me. I love Chicago. I love Detroit. You name it. L.A., D.C., Baltimore is always crazy. They are all different. And when you get to a place like Boise [Idaho], you get to different places and just see different type of fans loving the same music that people love in the same hood in Atlanta, the streets of Atlanta and Decatur. It’s just a great feeling. It’s a type of high. You’re excited. I’m wondering what the crowd is going to be like tonight. It can be a town you wasn’t expecting to be nuts that’s the most hype.

What’s a great tour memory that you have?
I remember, true story. Jay Z and I [were] on The Blueprint 3 Tour. I remember getting to Detroit and normally I would come out in the middle of Jay’s set. But Detroit thought they missed my show. So when I came out, I came out in the middle of Jay’s set. This is when Jay normally goes back and do couple songs and come back out. He did a couple of songs, and I just remember him looking around the curtains like “What The Fuck” [Laughs]. So when I got off stage he pulled me to the side and said so do you got some real estate here or something? They treat you like you be here every day. It was just that crazy response. The whole arena, like 30,000 just erupted. It was crazy.

Is being on tour as physically draining as some artists say it is?
Yea, it is. But for me, I work better when I’m exhausted. I like to do a lot in a day. It is physically exhausting, but at the same time, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s like people addicted to the gym. I’m addicted to being on that stage. That’s where I was supposed to be. That’s where I was born. For the people to show me love and for me to show them love. That’s what happens every night. Once you focus on that and not what it takes physical, you won’t even trip.

How quickly do you start working on new music now that you just released Seen It All?
That’s why I want to hit the road. I’ll probably go back at the top of next year. I just feel like Seen It All to me was my American Gangster. I didn’t want to do something for the radio; it was just something for my fans. I feel like when Jay did American Gangster he got so many people attention back like, "Wow, this far in the game and he can still recite stories that long ago." For Seen It All, that’s what I wanted. So now that I got that I just want to go to the next level and my next phase in life. If you ever listen to my music I always talk about what I did, you never hear me talk about what I’m going to do. So I think that’s the next phase, the evolution of Jeezy. Me talking about things that I got in the works and the way I’m thinking and moving. So pretty much what a lot of music fans are going to hear from me is a lot of forward thinking music.

What other projects are you working on?
I got some things in the works with a kid out of Atlanta I think is the truth. I really don’t want to drop no name until we get everything together but you hear about it real soon. Like really soon.

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