Jeezy had the Internet going crazy today when he dropped his soulful record "Seen It All" featuring Jay Z. With his new album Seen It All slated to be out this fall, Jeezy said this project is his most honest work to date. During an interview with Atlanta's V-103, Jeezy spoke on how he has changed as an artist and how he plans on being more honest with his music.

“A lot of y’all know when I came in the game, I pretty much came in the game with my hands behind my back. ‘Cause a lot of the shit I’d a like to talk about or could’ve talked about probably would have got me in a lot of trouble,” Jeezy said. “This is probably my first album where I can explain and let niggas know where I stand. In layman’s terms, the statute of limitations is over with.”

After having the streets in a frenzy with "Me, Ok" and now "Seen It All", it appears that the Snowman is going to be giving us a promising album this September.

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