Jeezy has just become the latest rapper to partner with a high-end beverage company. Today (Sept. 28), the Atlanta rapper announces his partnership with Defiance Fuel, Inc.'s flagship product, Defiance Fuel.

A culmination of 25 year's worth of water science research, Defiance Fuel is an ultra-purified water treated with Defiance Fuel, Inc.'s Cellular Hydration Processing (CHP), which helps you with cellular hydration, cell charge or potential energy while supporting overall cellular health as measured by phase angle. From now on, Jeezy will promote the drink.

"We are excited to partner with Jeezy," says Brian Burgdorf, who operates as president of the Nashville, Tenn.-based company. "We value top performers at Defiance Fuel. Jeezy has proven year in and year out to defy all odds and perform at the top of his game!"

For his part, Jeezy's ready to help take Defiance Fuel, Inc. to the next level. “I have experienced great achievements with both my music and Avion Tequila," says the Atlanta rap legend. "I expect nothing different from my partnership with Defiance Fuel as together we become global leaders in promoting a healthier lifestyle for all.”

That "healthier lifestyle" is also Jeezy's. “When I am on the road traveling from city to city, performing, recording late in the studio, or working out, Defiance Fuel gives life to the moments when I am most weary," reveals Jeezy, who recently teamed up with Lil Durk on his song, "Goofy." "I am thrilled to partner with a brand whose motto ‘defy limitations’ is one I believe in professionally, physically, and mentally. The water is an essential part of my lifestyle as I look forward to propelling my career another 10 years.”

Be on the lookout for Defiance Fuel, which is currently offered exclusively through the brand's partner gyms, yoga studios, sports teams, professional athletes, therapy centers, specialty sporting goods stores and wellness centers. The product is also available for home delivery in select markets at Defiance Fuel, Inc.'s official website.

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