JayDaYoungan is apparently one piece of jewelry lighter following a show in North Carolina.

Jay performed at The Blind Tiger in Greensboro, N.C. on Saturday night (Nov. 30) but at some point in the show things went left. Video has surfaced of some kind of commotion taking place that involved the rapper. Another video surfaced of a man who is claiming to have taken the rapper's chain during the melee. In the video, a hand is seen holding the alleged chain, while  the person is talking to someone on the phone.

"Tell him come get his shit," the person on the line yells out.

The man who appears to be holding the chain then responds, "Fuck that nigga, JayDaYoungan, nigga."

On Sunday (Dec. 1), the Louisiana rapper acknowledged someone made off with his chain but he says it didn't play out like the perpetrators would like people to think.

"Don’t believe the hype niggas scary af fr," Jay posted. "Reach for sum shit then try to run ! DONT even get it but wait til my security pull me out the club my shit fall & y’all pick it up 😏 Hoe ass shit."

He added, "If you don’t know facts about a situation don’t speak on that shit...I’m so solid can’t shit faze or break me I’m built for this."

Jay recently put out his latest project, Misunderstood. The new album features Lil Durk, YFN Lucci, Boosie BadAzz and more.

Check out what Jay had to say about the chain situation below.

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