It’s hard to tell if Solange or Jay Z will ever live down their infamous elevator altercation at Standard Hotel, the night of this year's Met Gala in New York in May. After being immortalized in Bey’s “Flawless (Remix)” the incident is making its way to TV. NBC recently announced that Law & Order: SVU will depict a fictional version of the Jay Z/Solange elevator fight in an upcoming episode entitled “American Disgrace.”

As if that incident was not enough, it is said the episode will also pull inspiration from the Ray Rice elevator scandal as well as from the racist comments of former Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

SVU is known for ripping story ideas straight from the headlines. In the past it has depicted fictional versions of famous scandals, including ones involving artists such as Chris Brown, Michael Jackson and Diddy.

The show’s “American Disgrace” episode airs tonight (Oct. 1). Check out the preview below.

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