Jay-Z wants to help simplify the process of charging mobile phones.

According to Mashable.com, the music mogul has teamed up with Duracell and Powermat for an initiative dubbed "Wireless Power Nation," which will allow cell phone users to charge their mobile devices by simply placing int on a Powermat-powered surface wirelessly.

“I believe in the future of wireless energy and I believe that Duracell Powermat is the company to bring on the revolution,” Hov, an investor and spokesperson for the venture who already has the system set up throughout his own New York City 40/40 Club, said in statement. “I’m partnering with Duracell Powermat because they’re providing the solutions for the future.”

Here's how it works: a "mat," called a Powermat, is plugged into a wall outlet and provides wireless power. Powermat-enabled cellphones (by way of cases) can be laid on the mat, which will create a "ZZZT" sound, indicating the wireless connection has been made and charging has begun.

The Powermat charging system is not new—it’s been around for a few years and has competitors; Energizer has a similar system that works with the Qi wireless charging standard. And, 40/40 is just the first of many spots to bring wireless charging by way of Wireless Power Nation, at least that's the plan. Ron Rabinowitz, Duracell Powermat CEO, said they are working to help prevent cellphones from “running out of juice” by partnering with the businesses where people regularly stop, including the gym, the coffee shop and airports.

“People will be able to charge wirelessly on embedded ‘wireless power hot spots’ in public venues where they travel and interact throughout their day,” he said. “All they will need to do is put their phone on the table, same thing they normally do. The only difference is that now, their smartphones will get charged from the table.”

Rabinowitz also added once the program is rolled out beyond New York later next year, a Google app will display a map of all the chargeable hotspots available. While the company started off with iPhones, he hopes the solution will be built into all phones so users won't have to use a special case. And, in the far future, Powermats will be readily available in home furniture, like kitchen tables and counters.

Until then, folks can start charging their phones with Duracell Powermat using the just-released 24 Hour Power System. The phone cases will be available in a variety of colors, not just the previous options of black and bulky. The 24 Hour Power System, which costs $100, also includes a back-up battery for re-charging devices on the go. It comes with an Apple connector and micro USB tip so it fits most phones, and it too can be charged up by simply placing it on the Powermat.—Gina Montana