After a highly-successful 42nd season, Saturday Night Live is set to return on Oct. 1 and to celebrate the start of the 43rd season, JAY-Z and Ryan Gosling will be appearing on the show.

Ahead of the season premiere, SNL has released its usual promo videos, this time featuring Jay and Gosling. In the first clip, the La La Land actor tries to play it cool, asking Hov how excited he'll be so he can match his level. In typical Jay fashion, the rapper plays it nonchalant, not saying a word.

The second promo features a little more dialogue when Gosling reminds Jigga that he saw him at Coachella. "I remember," Jay fires back before bursting into laughter. It's uncertain what songs the rapper will perform on the episode, but expect him to do a few songs from 4:44

In related JAY-Z news, the rapper recently appeared on BBC Radio 1 to discuss a variety of topics. During the conversation, he revealed the climate of today's society has given him ideas for a new album.

But don't expect the subject matter to be too depressing. According to Hov, better days are in store for Black people in the United States. “I believe that everything that happens in life is for your greatest good, and I don’t think that this is happening if we weren’t prepared to handle it,” he said. “So I’m just actually looking forward to what’s next after that, because usually when things are darkest, then light is on its way. So, I’m not fearful, you know, I believe that we’re resilient, we’ve been—especially us, as Black people, especially the culture—we’ve been through so much more than this guy.”

Watch JAY-Z's SNL promos below.

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