Jay-Z spoke to Hot 97 personality Angie Martinez this afternoon about his performance at Summer Jam, the meaning behind his latest record, "D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)," and T-Pain showing up during his set.

Speaking to his longtime friend, Hov said that he had no idea that the Auto-Tune maestro would show up during his performance. “It’s just crazy cause I didn’t know where T-Pain came from,” he said. “Remember the concert that T.I. had where 50 Cent walked on the stage. That wasn’t planned either. So I look and I see somebody to my right and I swear I though he was like a fan, I thought he was like coming to hug me. I’m not even lying, I’m not being funny trying to take shots. And I’m like you know that’s some cool rock star stuff.” [Watch Below]

Jay insisted to Martinez that the moment was not planned, saying that he thinks Pain bombarded the stage to show fans that he was not the target of Jigga’s rhymes. “I guess he was trying to be like get close and be like ‘not me.’ But it's really not him.” Later adding, “He didn’t mean any harm, he was embracing the record.”

Hov also offered some incite into the meaning behind the record. "I’m not saying that Auto-Tune is wack," he explained. "What I’m saying is someone does that. You know T-Pain he did it, he writes great melodies, fantastic, Wayne did it and Kanye. You know leave that for them. Not everybody. Like we all gonna make one type of record. Like that’s how you stagnate hip-hop, that’s how people get turned off. You listen to the radio and every single record has Auto-Tune. That’s corny, that’s wack.”

“D.O.A. “ is slated to appear on Jay’s upcoming Blueprint 3 album. – Elan Mancini

[video:http://www.xxlmag.com/uploads/video/files/6.8.09_LF_JayZFLIP.flv l]