In the new issue of NME Jay-Z pays tribute to fallen legend Michael Jackson, and in doing so he revealed a piece of music history that until now was unknown.

Aparrently Jiggaman has collaborated with MJ in more occasions than fans were aware of. According to the Brooklyn rapper, Jackson sang on “Girls, Girls, Girls” on the original Blueprint album. “He was on my song ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’, singing these background vocals and I didn’t even put his name on it,” Jay wrote.

Hov linked up with the King of Pop on the song “You Rock My World” as well and also brought him onstage during 2001’s Summer Jam. “He played a concert with me in New York, which was great,” Jay continued. “He got up and he walked out and the place went mental, guys were just grabbing their hats and throwing them like, "Aiiiiiiiiiieeeeee!"

Hova has an interesting take on Michael’s death. “I try to look for the meaning in things that happen, and it was a tragedy that Michael Jackson passed away, especially for his kids," he said. "But on the other side, I think it gave Michael a chance to be celebrated for the genius he was without all the other stuff in the way, and I don’t know if that would ever have happened had he been alive.” –Elan Mancini

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