Beyoncé turned 35 this past Sunday (Sept. 4), and to celebrate she threw a Soul Train-themed birthday party with a ton of stars in attendance. Above you can watch her and hubbie Jay Z get down on the dance floor to show attendees how it's done.

Chance The Rapper, who sang Bey happy birthday at the Made in America Festival this weekend, was also in attendance, and he tweeted some video footage you can see below.

Hov was looking decked out, complete with an afro and a lil' doobie in his hand. He was caught posing next to Usher when he wasn't burning up the dance floor with wifey.

Kendrick Lamar loves to get dressed up, and he was there in full force as well, looking like he was wearing something out of the late, great Prince's wardrobe. He's pictured below next to Swizz Beatz, who rolled through with a red beret and a camo bandana tied around his neck. You know he had to come with Alicia Keys, too.

Then there was Diddy and Cassie. The wig Puffy's wearing says it all. He even posted video showing off the damn thing.

Hov and Beyoncé had a full weekend, as fans caught them enjoying the Made in America Festival in Philly this weekend. They were also separated pictured talking with Bill Clinton at the festival. Gotta wonder if Bill brought any spliffs to the concert.

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