Jay Z and Kanye West co-produced Chris Rock's upcoming film Top Five. The film is written, directed and will be starring the comedian. Paramount Pictures recently obtained distribution rights to the motion picture.

In it Chris Rock will play a fictional movie-star named Andre Allen whose run in with journalist Rosario Dawson forces him to relive his past a comedian. Rock told Variety that he drew inspiration for his storyline from shows such as Louis C.K.’s Louie and Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

"Louis C.K. is one of my good friends" said Rock. "I watch his show. I watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. No one has done a movie like this. Just a movie about a comedian, a day in the life."

The movie is guaranteed to be jammed packed with comedians. It will feature guest star appearances from Tracy Morgan, Kevin Hart, J.B. Smoove, Cedric the Entertainer and Jerry Seinfield to name a few.

?uestlove will serve as music director for Top Five. Rock premiered it for the first time last Saturday (Sept. 6th) at the Toronto Film Festival.

Be on the look out for its release.