Whether it was at the head of Def Jam, Roc-A-Fella, Tidal or more, Jay Z has certainly led a presidential past, though perhaps his resume pales in comparison to that of Bill Clinton's. With Hov's Made in America Festival going down in Philadelphia over the course of Labor Day Weekend, plenty of hip-hop heads and dignitaries were sure to show out, but catching the whole world off guard, the above photo was snapped of Jay, Chance The Rapper, Former President Clinton, and TDE CEO Punch chopping it up back stage.

While Bill's wife Hillary continues on the campaign trail, November's election now just a few months away, it seems the potential First Gentleman traded in the politician's life for one of a musician, speaking to the rappers likely about how The Dynasty: Roc La Familia is one of Jay's most underrated albums. Below, Punch says he told the former president he would get him set up on Instagram, while further down, Clinton sits next to Travis Scott, whatever the two ingested together finally kicking in.

For Chance, the encounter added to a weekend that included singing "Happy Birthday" to Beyonce. When his unofficial Auntie surprised him backstage at last month's MTV Video Music Awards, Chano lost his cool, saying, “Oh my god! That was her!” and later, “This my life.” His historic year, which has included setting Billboard milestones and sitting down with President Obama, continues on. Just look at Chance's expression above, soaking in the presidential conversation.

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