Jay IDK has big ambitions, but he doesn't want his supreme rap conquest journey to be a conventional one.

That much became clear when he announced that he was partnering with Adult Swim to promote his new music. For the network, the rapper will be producing exclusive visual content, and that, in turn, will give him the new album release method he's apparently been searching for.

Speaking with XXL at the 2017 Rolling Loud Festival, Jay gave an update on the projects he's working on with Adult Swim and some of his other plans going forward. From the sounds of things, they're all pretty legit.

"This year man, I really really want to basically put this project out with Adult Swim and it be a breakout project that a lot of people, you know, love and respect," Jay tells XXL. "You know, I think the way people consume music nowadays, it's more about singles. So I kind of want to bring it back to the album shit, you know what I mean?"

Dropping a high quality album is a sizable ambition for any artist, but as you can see, Jay IDK's rap game goals are a good bit wider in scope. See what else is up with the DMV rapper by peeping our interview with him below.

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